Man pages for ChandlerLutz/starpolishr
polish stargazer (latex) files

getmodeMode function
get_star_line_numbersGet 'stargazer' line numbers by section
get_star_linesget the star lines from 'stargazer' output
is.latexCheck if stargazer output is in latex form
is.textCheck if stargazer output is in text form
star_add_column_numbersInsert column numbrers in a table
star_asterisksA function to replace asterisks with latex compatible values
star_insert_rowInsert a row in a stargazer table
star_lhs_namesTo replace the names of the LHS variables in 'stargazer'...
star_ncolget the number of stargazer columns
star_notes_tex'stargazer' tex table notes
star_panelTo get a panel of stargazer output
starpolishr-packagePolish and manipulate stargazer output for latex files
star_rhs_namesTo replace the names of the RHS variables in 'stargazer'...
star_rhs_orderManipulate the order of right-hand side variables using regex
star_si_colA function to for scientific unit columns from the latex...
star_sidewaystableTurn a latex table into a 'sidewaystable' latex table
star_tex_endCreate the end of a tex document
star_tex_startCreate the start of a tex
star_tex_writeWrite a stargazer output to a tex file
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