Man pages for CharlesCara/AzureSMRLite
Operations on Azure Blobs

adlFileInputStreamCheckCheck for proper adlFileInputStream.
adlFileOutputStreamCheckCheck for proper adlFileOutputStream.
azureAuthenticateAuthenticates against Azure Active directory application.
azureAuthenticateOnAuthTypeSwitch based on auth types.
azureBlobCDAzure blob change current directory.
azureBlobFindFind file in a storage account directory.
azureBlobLSList blob blobs in a storage account directory.
azureCheckTokenCheck the timestamp of a token and renew if needed.
azureCreateResourceGroupCreate a resourceGroup.
azureCreateStorageAccountCreate an Azure Storage Account.
azureDeleteBlobDelete a specifed storage blob.
azureDeleteResourceGroupDelete a resourceGroup with all Resources.
azureDeletestorageAccountDelete an Azure Storage Account.
azureGetBlobGet contents from a specifed storage blob.
azureGetStorageAccountGet specified storage account
azureGetTokenClientCredentialGet Azure token using client credentials
azureGetTokenDeviceCodeGet Azure token using DeviceCode.
azureGetTokenDeviceCodeFetchGet Azure token using device_code
azureGetTokenRefreshTokenGet Azure token using RefreshToken
azureListAllResourcesGet all Resource in default Subscription.
azureListRGGet all resource groups in subscription ID.
azureListSAList storage accounts.
azureListStorageBlobsList storage blobs for specified storage account.
azureListSubscriptionsGet available subscriptions.
azurePutBlobWrite contents to a specifed storage blob.
azureSAGetKeyGet the Storage Keys for Specified Storage Account.
createAzureContextCreate an Azure Context.
InternalazureActiveContext object.
read.AzureSMR.configReads settings from configuration file in JSON format.
setAzureContextUpdates azureActiveContext object.
showDeviceCodeMessageToUserDisplay device code flow message to user.
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