Man pages for CharlesCara/Datastream2R
Allows access to Datastream data from R

ds2ISOCurrencychange currency datastream code into iso version
EncryptPasswordEncrypt the Datastream password
getCodeFromInstrument'getCodeFromInstrument' internal helper function
getDataStreamInitialise connection with Datastream DWE server
getNodesValue'getNodesValue' internal helper function
getNodeValue'getNodeValue' internal helper function
getTimeseriesconvert xts timeseries into a string that can be sent to the...
iso2DatastreamCurrencychange currency ISO code into Datastream version
listRequestMake a list request for static data
staticRequestmake a static request 'staticRequest' Function that returns a...
timeSeriesListRequestmake a timeSeries request for a list 'timeSeriesListRequest'...
timeSeriesRequestmake a timeseries request
UCTSUploadUpload a UCTS timeseries into Datastream
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