Man pages for Chen-Chaozong/extraTechInds
Provide useful Technical Indicators

ACDAccumulate Collection & Distribution
ADLAccumulation Distribution Line
CmfChaikin Money Flow
CmoChande Momentum Oscillator (different from TTR)
DIDivergence Index
DMIDirectional Movement Index
DMKIDemarker Indicator
DYMIDynamic Relative Momentum Index
EOMEnergy of Movement
Hursthurst Index
IMIIntraday Relative Momentum Index
KSTKnow Sure Thing
MAMAMESA Adaptive Moving Average
MBBandsModified Bollinger Bands
MfiMoney Flow Index ( different from TTR)
MomentumMomentum (more flexible)
MomRatioMomRatio (more flexible momentum ratio)
RMIRelative Momentum Index ( if m=1 then Relative Strength Index...
RocRate of Change
RVIRelative Vigor Index
SIStochastic Index
SOIShock Oscillator Index
TEMATriple exponential moving average
TSITrue Strength Index
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