Man pages for Chris1221/coR-ge
An R package for the Examination of Multiple Correction Methodologies in Accurate Genomic Environments.

analyzeCorrection of Genomes in R
analyze_oldCorrection of Genomes in R
assoc_wrapperGen Phen to Df in preparation for Lm
calculate_wasTakes gen file and calculates weighted allele scores (WAS)
causal.snpsFunction for obtaining a vector of causal SNPs.
correctCorrect strata by group
fake.snpsCreate a vector of fake non-sense SNPs
fdrCalculates FDR given a data frame
gen2rOxford style genotype conversion
initInitialize a testing environment
ld_corLD True Postiive Thresholding function
phenPhenotype Calculation
randRandom Number Generator
rand0Delta Generator Function
rebuildConvenience function for recompilling Rcpp and reloading...
SE_mutateAutomated standard evaluation of mutate with in operator.
sim.genHaplotpe Simulation Function
stratifyCreate strata
sub_jobSubmission Convenience function
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