Man pages for ChristofSeiler/braincog
Differential Correlation Analysis Between Brain and Cognition

braincogDifferential sparse canonical correlation analysis.
cluster_sizekth largest cluster size from segmented array.
cluster_size_weightedkth largest cluster size measured in absolute values of...
combine_slicesCombine slices.
compute_cca_daCompute difference vector.
compute_cca_da2Compute difference vector.
label_clusterLabel cluster in image.
plot.braincogPlot braincog object.
plot_clusterPlot cluster array.
plot_cognitionPlot permutation results of cognitive tests.
plot_sliceExtract mid-plane slice and display.
plot_statisticPlot null distribution of test statistic.
summary.braincogSummarize braincog object.
summary_cognitionSummarize cogntion part of braincog object.
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