Man pages for ChristophJW/solveTPZSG
Solving two-person zero-sum games

computeIntersectionFind the intersections of two functions
computeLinearFunctionCompute the function value f(x) of a function
drawMinOrMaxLineDraw the line of the max or min of all functions
generateColorsGenerates random colors for the linear functions
generateFunctionNameGenerates name for the linear function
generateMatrixFromSaddleVectorGenerates a mx2 matrix from the saddlepoints vector.
getAllIntersectionsFind all intersections of the functions
getMaxOfRowMinFind the maximum of the rows minima.
getMinOfColMaxFind the minimum of the columns maxima.
getMinOrMaxFunctionsValueForIntersectionsFind the min or max functions value for each intersection
getSaddlePointsOfGameFind the saddlepoints of the game.
isMatrixOfRightDimentionCheck if the matrix has the right format of 2xn or mx2
plotSolutionPlot the graphical solution of a 2xn or mx2 matrixgame
solveGameSolve a two-person zero-sum game.
solveLinearProgramSolve the linear program of the gamematrix
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