Man pages for ClairBee/AS.circular
ArchStats: circular functions confidence interval for sample statistics. confidence interval for sample statistics.
bc.sample.statisticsBias-corrected circular sample statistics.
circular.c.plotPlot of circular data
cluster.pval.heatmapPlot cluster-by-cluster heatmap of p-values
cluster.quad.testsSample statistics of subsets of data, per quadrant.
cluster.sample.statsSample statistics of subsets of data
compare.cluster.distsCompare all clusters for similar distribution
compare.clustersCompare subsets of data against others
cs.unif.scoresCosine & sine rank scores
EM.clustersClassify points using EM mixture model
EM.u.vonmisesExpectation-maximization algorithm for mixture of uniform and...
EM.vonmisesExpectation-maximization algorithm for mixture of von Mises...
get.momentsCircular sample moments confidence interval for Jones-Pewsey parameter... confidence interval for Jones-Pewsey parameter...
JP.dfJones-Pewsey distribution function
JP.GoFGoodness-of-fit tests for Jones-Pewsey distribution
JP.GoF.bootBootstrap goodness-of-fit tests for Jones-Pewsey distribution
JP.mleMaximum likelihood estimator for Jones-Pewsey parameters
JP.NConJones-Pewsey normalising constant
JP.pdfJones-Pewsey probability density function
JP.PPJones-Pewsey P-P plot
JP.psi.infoAIC and BIC for Jones-Pewsey against nested models
JP.psi.LR.bootBootstrap likelihood ratio test for Jones-Pewsey against...
JP.psi.LR.testLikelihood ratio test for Jones-Pewsey against nested models
JP.qfJones-Pewsey quantile function
JP.QQJones-Pewsey Q-Q plot of data
JP.simJones-Pewsey simulation function
linear.c.plotLinear plot of circular data
MSclust.NBMean-shift clustering of circular data: non-blurring mean...
MSclust.p.estEstimate stabilising parameter p for mean-shift clustering of...
MSclust.summSummarise clusters from a mean-shift clustering
mvM.PPMixture von Mises P-P plot
mww.common.dist.LSTest for common distribution among multiple samples
mww.common.dist.randPermutation test for common distribution among multiple...
plot.EM.vonmisesPlot mixture von Mises model found by EM algorithm.
pooled.meanCalculate a pooled mean for two or more samples
r.symm.test.bootBootstrap reflective symmetry test
r.symm.test.statReflective symmetry test
two.sample.QQTwo-sample Q-Q plot
uniformity.plotUniformity plot of data
uniformity.testsBundle of tests of uniformity
vM.GoFGoodness-of-fit tests for von Mises distribution
vM.GoF.bootBootstrap goodness-of-fit tests for von Mises distribution
vM.PPvon Mises P-P plot
vM.QQvon Mises Q-Q plot
wallraff.concentration.testWallraff's two-sample test of common concentration
watson.common.mean.testWatson's two-sample test of common mean
watson.mean.test.bootBootstrap version of Watson's two-sample test of common mean
watson.two.test.randPermutation test for common distribution between two samples
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