Man pages for ClairBee/AS.preprocessing
ArchStats: pre-processing map data for angle extraction categories to features based on size & shape
exclude.sparse.shapesClassify sparse shapes
extend.annotationsIdentify any features that lie directly between two...
feature.closingFind features whose shape differs after a morphological...
feature.dimsGet feature dimensions
fill.broken.boundaryFill in broken (-.-) line boundary remote points
get.horizontalsIdentify horizontal features
get.NS.axisIdentify N-S marker on map
get.postholesExtract centre-points of post-holes
get.scaleIdentify map scale
get.verticalsIdentify vertical features
import.mapImport map from jpeg
load.featuresLoad a feature set
manually.set.feature.typeManually reclassify a single feature
overlay.postholesOverlay map showing postholes
remove.annotationsRemove annotations
remove.isolatedRemove isolated features
remove.tall.featuresRemove unusually tall features
save.featuresSave a feature set
select.featureIdentify a feature from the map
show.featuresPlot features & feature types
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