Man pages for ClairBee/CB.Misc
Useful functions

add.marginAdd margins to a pdf
boot.sigCheck where target value falls within bootstrap sample
bootstrapGet bootstrap distribution of a statistic over a set of...
change.wallpaperChange desktop wallpaper
chkCheck equivalence of two objects to a certain DP
crop.pdfCrop a pdf
eivecsPlot eigenvectors from a given covariance matrix
filled.bandFilled band between two lines
filled.ellipseAdd shaded ellipse to plot
find.git.reposList all git repositories
gamm.parsGamma parameters given specified mean/mode and variance
grapes-pow-grapesRaise a matrix to a given power
hijackHijack a function to change default parameters
list.reposList all git repositories
makepdfQuickly produce a pdf
matcheckCheck matrix equivalence
mixt.parsParameters of mixture of Gaussian distributions
panel.corCalculate correlation for scatterplot matrix
px2ellipseFind points on ellipse from matrix of points whether points fall within an ellipse
ratty.weightsUpdate ratty weight graphs with latest data in Google Sheets
rbowAlternative rainbow colour palette
refreshQuickly refresh & reinstall packages
repo.statusCheck status of git repository
reset.parReset parameters to original values
test.colrampDraw test square showing colour ramp
transpWrapper function to get vector of transparent colours
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