Man pages for ClairBee/IO.Pixels
Functions for analysis of distribution of dead pixels (part of Inside Out project).

asymmetric.madAsymmetric NMAD thresholds
bvnCalculate bivariate normal density of image surface
bvn.ssSupport function: get sum of squared errors of bivariate...
class.boundariesCalculate class boundaries
classify.pxLabel extreme-valued pixels
count.clustersCount clusters by size
count.columnsSummarise columns by width
dense.regionsFind dense regions in pixel map
draw.outlinesDraw outlines of convex hulls
draw.panelsAdd panel edges to plot
find.clustersFind and label clusters of pixels
find.columnsFind column features in pixel map
find.rowsFind row features in pixel map
fit.gv.lmLinear regression of observed pixel values Squares fit of bivariate Gaussian surface to image bivariate density surface
label.screen.spotsLabel identified screen spots in pixel list
load.objectsCreate array from stored .rds objects
m2rConvert matrix to raster
modal.densityModal density
panel.edgesGet coordinates of panel edges
pixel.imageDisplay pixel values as image
pixel.plotPlot given coordinates
px2pppConvert pixel coordinates to PPP object
px2rConvert points to raster
px.colsColours for plotting bad pixels
r2mConvert raster to matrix
screen.spotsGet screen spots in linear/white images
sd.coloursColour scheme for contour plot
shading.correctedApply shading correction
system.mapImport system-generated bad pixel map
th.levelsSet contour plot levels
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