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Functions to replicate & expand Sichun Xie MSc report on multi-model ensembkes in weather forecasting

array.solveApply 'solve' over an array
box.dotBox density ordinate transform
det.sharpnessDeterminant sharpness
ensemble.crpsEnsemble CRPS
ensemble.spreadCalculate ensemble spread
es.crpsCRPS for multivariate-normal predictive density
fc.maeForecast MAE
fc.rmseForecast RMSE
fit.mimicFit mimic to data
forecast.errorsCalculate forecast errors
forecast.rmseForecast RMSE over full forecast period
load.allImport forecasts & obs
load.dataLoad .rda directly into variable
model.crpsCalculate fitted CRPS
model.performanceCalculate spread, RMSE and CRPS for a fitted model
model.rmseCalculate fitted RMSE
offset.forecastAdjust forecast by leadtime 4d array to 5d
run.modelFit model
se.covariancesCalculate covariance matrices
se.lambdaCalculate lambda matrix
se.precisionCalculate precision matrix
se.sigmaCalculate sigma matrices
se.tauCalculate tau
square.matSquare matrix
superensembleCreate superensemble
u.devDeviation from uniformity
verif.ranksVerification ranks
vr.histVerification rank histogram
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