Man pages for ClausDethlefsen/giRaph
The giRaph package for graph representation in R

adjacencyListAdjacency list representation of a graph
adjacencyList-classClass "adjacencyList"
adjacencyMatrixAdjacency matrix representation of a graph
adjacencyMatrix-classClass "adjacencyMatrix"
anyGraph-classClass "anyGraph"
areTheSameAre they the same mathematical entity?
cardGet the cardinality of an object
directedEdge-classClass "directedEdge"
displayMake a display of the graph using the graphics window
dynamic.GraphDynamicGraph display of simple graph
edge-classVirtual Class "edge"
edgeList-classClass "edgeList"
generalGraph-classClass "generalGraph"
giRaphThe package 'giRaph': summary information
incidenceListIncidence list representation of a graph
incidenceList-classClass "incidenceList"
incidenceMatrixIncidence matrix representation of a graph
incidenceMatrix-classClass "incidenceMatrix"
isEmptyIs the object empty?
isPresentIs the first object present in the second one?
maxIdGet the maximum numeric identifier of an object
multiGraph-classClass "multiGraph"
recodeFunction to recode an object from a given source code to a...
showRelFunction to show an object relative to a given code
simpleGraph-classClass "simpleGraph"
undirectedEdge-classClass "undirectedEdge"
vertexSet-classClass "vertexSet"
wrappersShort-hands for vertex set and edge construction
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