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Analysis of Habitat Selection by Animals

adehabitat-packageadehabitat: a Package for the Analysis of the Space Use by...
albatrossArgos Monitoring of Adult Albatross Movement
anglesCompute Turning Angles - Deprecated
area2ascConverts a Polygon to Raster
area2dxfExportation of Areas
as.areaObjects of Class "area"
asc2imConversion of Maps of Class 'asc' and 'im' (Package spatstat)
ascgenCreation of Raster Maps
as.kascWorking with Several Raster Maps
as.ltrajWorking with Trajectories in 2D Space: the Class ltraj
as.sahrlocsExploratory Analysis of Habitat Selection
as.trajWorking with Trajects in 2D Space
baugesCensus of chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the Bauges...
bearGPS monitoring of one brown bear
bighornRadio-Tracking of Bighorn Sheeps
biv.testBivariate Test
bufferCompute Buffers
burstID and Bursts of an Object of Class ltraj
capreochizGPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Chize (France)
capreotfGPS Monitoring of one Roe Deer in Trois-Fontaines (France)
chamoisLocation of Chamois Groups in the Chartreuse Mountains
ChiThe Chi Distribution
c.ltrajCombine Bursts of Relocations in Objects of Class "ltraj"
clusthrEstimation of Home Range by Clustering
colascCreates a Vector of Colors for a Raster Map of Type 'factor'
companaCompositional Analysis of Habitat Use
convnumConversion from Factor to Numeric for Raster Map
count.points.idNumber of Points in Each Pixel of a Raster Map
cutltrajSplit Trajectories into Several Bursts
distfacmapCompute distances to the different levels of a factor map
domainEstimation of the Potential Distribution of a Species
dunnfaFactorial Analysis of the Specialization in Habitat Selection...
eiseraEigenanalysis of Selection Ratios
enfaEcological Niche Factor Analysis
engen2008IIMeasuring Habitat Selection Using the Method of Engen et al....
explore.kascInteractive Exploration of Maps of Class kasc (requires the...
Extract.ltrajExtract or Replace Parts of an Object of Class ltraj
findmaxascFind Local Maxima on a Map of Class 'asc'
fptComputation of the First Passage Time From Trajectories
gdltrajWorking with Trajectories: Specify a Time Period
getascattrCopy the Attributes of an Object of Class 'asc' or 'kasc' to...
getcontourComputes the Contour Polygon of a Raster Object
getXYcoordsComputes the X and Y Coordinates of the Pixels of a Raster...
gnesfaGeneral Niche-Environment System Factor Analysis
hbrownEstimates the value of h for a Brownian motion
hist.kascHistograms of Mapped Variables
hist.ltrajHistogram of the Descriptive Parameters of a Trajectory
histnicheHistograms of the Ecological Niche
hr.rastRasterisation of Objects of Class 'area'
hsealArgos Monitoring of Hooded Seal
ibexGPS Monitoring of Four Ibex in the Belledonne Mountain
ibexrawGPS Monitoring of Four Ibex in the Belledonne Mountain...
image.ascDisplays a Color Image of a Matrix of Class 'asc'
image.sahrlocsGraphical Display of the Habitat Composition of the Home...
import.ascArcview ASCII Raster File Importation And Exportation
indmoveTesting Independence in Regular Trajectory Parameters
is.regularRegular Trajectories
is.sdHandling of Trajectories of the Same Duration
join.ascFinds the Value of Mapped Variables at some Specified...
kasc2dfConversion of Objects of Class kasc
kasc2spixdfConversion of maps from/to the package "sp"
kernelbbEstimation of Kernel Brownian Bridge Home-Range
kernelkcKernel Smoothing in Space and Time of the Animals' Use of...
kerneloverlapSpatial Interaction between Animals Monitored Using...
kernelUDEstimation of Kernel Home-Range
kselectK-Select Analysis: a Method to Analyse the Habitat Selection...
kverHandling of Objects of Class kver
labconLabelling Connected Features
lowresReducing the Resolution of a Map
lynxjuraMonitoring of Lynx
madifaThe MADIFA: a Factorial Decomposition of the Mahalanobis...
mahasuhabHabitat Suitability Mapping with Mahalanobis Distances.
managNAkasc"Cleaning" Objects of Class 'kasc'
mcpEstimation of the Home Range Using the Minimum Convex Polygon...
mcp.rastConverts a Polygon to Raster
mindistkeepDetecting Absence of Movement in an Object of Class 'ltraj'
modpartltrajSegmentation of a trajectory based on Markov models
morphologyMorphology: Erosion or Dilatation of Features on a Raster Map
mouflonGPS Monitoring of One Mouflon in the Caroux Mountain
niche.testMonte-Carlo Test on Parameters of the Ecological Niche
offsetdateDate Handling in an Object of Class 'ltraj'
perareaCompute Areas and Perimeters of Objects of Class "area"
pheasantRadio-Tracking of Pheasants
plot.areaGraphical Display of Objects of Class "area"
plotltrChanges in Traject Parameters Over Time
plot.ltrajGraphical Display of an Object of Class "ltraj"
plot.sahrlocsExploratory Analysis of Habitat Selection
porpoiseArgos monitoring of Porpoise Movements
predict.enfaHabitat Suitability Maps Built from the ENFA
puechRadio-Tracking Data of Wild Boar (2)
puechabonRadio-Tracking Data of Wild Boar
puechcircMovements of wild boars tracked at Puechabon
puechdesIIIHabitat Selection by the Wild Boar at Puechabon
qqchiQuantile-Quantile Plots for Trajectories of Class 'ltraj'
rand.kselectTest of the Third-Order Habitat Selection
randtest.enfaRandomisation Test for the Ecological Niche Factor Analysis
redisltrajRediscretization of a Trajectory With Regular Step Length
rotxyInternal Functions for Package 'adehabitat'
rupicabauGPS Monitoring of One Chamois in the Bauges Mountains
sahrlocs2kselectPreparation of K-Select Analysis
sahrlocs2nicheOMI Analysis of Radio-Tracking Data
scatter.enfaScatter Plot of the Results of the ENFA
scatternicheDisplay the Niche in the Ecological Space
schoenerCompute Schoener's ratio
set.limitsDefine the Same Time Limits for several Bursts in a Regular...
setmaskApplies a Mask on Objects of Class 'asc' or 'kasc'
setNAPlace Missing Values in Objects of Class 'ltraj'
sett0Round the Timing of Collection of Relocations to Obtain...
showNAltrajHighlighting the Patterns in Missing Values in Trajects
simm.bbBrownian bridge motion
simm.brownSimulate a Bivariate Brownian Motion
simm.crwSimulation of a Correlated Random Walk
simm.levySimulates a Levy Walk
simm.mbaSimulation of an Arithmetic Brownian Motion
simm.mouSimulation of a Bivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process
sliwinltrApply a Function on an Object of Class "ltraj", Using a...
speedComputes the Speed Between Successive Relocations of an...
squirrelRadio-Tracking Data of Squirrels
squirrelocRadio-tracking of squirrels
storemapattrStore Attributes of Maps of Class asc and kasc
subsampleSubsample a Trajectory
subsetmapStoring a Part of a Map
tealTeal (Anas crecca) Ring Recovery Dataset
trajdynInteractive Display of Objects of Class 'ltraj'
typeII2typeIChange the Type of a Trajectory
vanoiseHabitat Use by Three Species of Galliformes in the Vanoise...
wawotestWald-Wolfowitz Test of Randomness
whaleArgos Monitoring of Whale Movement
which.ltrajIdentify Relocations Fullfilling a Condition in an Object of...
wiComputation of Selection Ratios for Habitat Selection...
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