Man pages for Cmell/CMUtils
Utility Functions I Often Use

groupCenterGroup Centering Function
lmSummaryBased on 'summary.lm', this function prints 'lm()' objects...
loadStuffChecks to see if each package in the list is installed. If...
logitToOddsConvert a logit unit to an odds ratio.
logitToPConvert a logit unit to a probability.
makePdfWrite to a pdf, but allow printing to the default device...
oddsToLogitConvert an odds ratio to a logit.
oddsToPConvert an odds ratio to a probability.
pLvlCenterCenter Variables at the Participant Level
pToLogitConvert a probability unit to a logit.
pToOddsConvert a probility to an odds ratio.
recycleRecycle a vector to the specified length. @param vec The...
vioplotCMviolin plots with control
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