Man pages for CubicZebra/MVNBayesian
Bayesian Analysis Framework for MVN (Mixture) Distribution

Ascending_NumRenumbering vector by elemental frequency
dataset1Dataset for MVN test
dataset2Dataset for MVN mixture test
MatrixAlternativeInterchanging specified rows and columns
MixMVN_BayesianPosterioriCalculate Bayesian posteriori MVN mixture distribution
MixMVN_GibbsSamplerGibbs sampler for MVN mixture distribution
MixMVN_MCMCMCMC simulation for MVN mixture distribution
MVN_BayesianIteratorParameter estimation using Bayesian iteration
MVNBayesian-packageBayesian Analysis Framework for MVN (Mixture) Distribution
MVN_BayesianPosterioriCalculate Bayesian posteriori MVN distribution
MVN_FConditionalCalculate full conditional normal ditribution of MVN
MVN_GibbsSamplerGibbs sampler for MVN distribution
MVN_MCMCMCMC simulation for MVN distribution
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