Man pages for DACSS/dacss.websites
Build DACSS Course Blogs

build_all_postsBuilds all blog posts
build_lates_postsBuild latest blog posts
build_student_pagesBuilds all student pages
create_course_blogBuilds a new DACSS blog
create_lessonsCreate Lessons
create_student_pagesBuilds student postcards
exclude_dirExclude directories in your repo
exclude_docsExclude the docs folder
exclude_fileExclude files in your repo
get_student_formGet Blog Student Form
iaminstructorSwitch to Instructor Mode
iamstudentSwitch to Student Mode
import_postsImport student posts from their blogs
reset_project_envReset project env
update_course_instructorUpdate Course Instructor name
update_course_repoUpdate Course Repo Link
update_course_semesterUpdate course semester
update_course_titleUpdate course title
update_sheets_linkUpdate Sheets Link
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