Man pages for DCMSstats/eesectors
Functions to create DCMS Economic Estimates statistics

appendSectorsAppend sector membership to APS data extract
clean_sicClean SIC codes
combine_GVACombine GVA, ABS, SIC91, and Tourism datasets
combine_GVA_longCombine GVA, ABS, SIC91 datasets in long format - retaining...
DCMS_sectorsDCMS sectors in 2016.
example_working_fileGet path to example_working_file.xlsx example
exports_by_sector_2016GVA data for 2010:2015.
extract_ABS_dataextract ABS data from ONS working file spreadsheet
extract_APS_dataExtract employment data from APS SPSS file
extract_DCMS_sectorsextract list of DCMS sectors from ONS working file...
extract_GVA_dataextract GVA data from ONS working file spreadsheet
extract_SIC91_dataextract SIC 91 Sales Data from ONS working file spreadsheet
extract_tourism_dataextract toursim Data ONS working file spreadsheet
figure3.1Create Figure 3.1
figure3.2Create Figure 3.2
figure3.3Create Figure 3.3
GVA_by_sectorCalculate GVA by sector
GVA_by_sector_2016GVA data for 2010:2015.
GVA_tableGVA by sectors (Table 3.1).
integrity_checkCheck success of type conversion: character to numeric
maha_checkmaha check
na_colsFind NAs in dataframe columns
raise_issueWarn when assertr checks fail and raise issue on github
relative_toCalculate relative values
roundfPrepare values for table
save_rdsSave and check Rds files
year_sector_datalong data class
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