Man pages for DDS-MCSM/group-assignment-team-02

Bar_plot_semester_CerberPlot Ceber occurrences (per semester)
Bar_plot_semester_LockyPlot Locky occurrences (per semester)
Bar_plot_semester_TeslaPlot TeslaCrypt occurrences (per semester)
Bar_plot_yearPlot all the malware occurrences per year
Bar_plot_year_scalePlot all the malware occurrences per year (scaled)
changeColumnNameChange column name
changeDateFormatChange date format
CountryMalwareTotalDataframe by country
DeleteColumnsDelete columns
DeleteColumnsCountryDelete columns country
downloadCSVRead CSV
Plot_bar_horizontalPlot all the malware occurrences per country
Plot_pie_MaxPercentage of occurrences (Pie Chart)
SemesterColumnsMalwareTotalMalware occurrences per semester (2015-2018)
separateDateSeparate date columns
SumColumnsMalwarePercentage of occurrences
SumColumnsMalwareTotalSum the ocurrences of each Ransomware in 2015-2018
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