Man pages for DFE-Capital/blockbuster2
Deterioration Model of the School Estate

backlogSums the backlog in block data
BlockbusterBlockbuster model of school estate deterioration
blockbuster_excelRun the deterioration model from an excel sheet
buildings_expected_failuresCount the number of expected building failures
check_palShow colours in colour palette
ConvertPdsToBlockConvert blockbuster_pds_data sample into block level wide...
create_input_element_from_excelLoads and processes the deterioration model inputs from an...
DeteriorateDeteriorate all the elements in an element-level data frame.
element_summarise_areaSummarise the area at each grade for an element-level dataset
element_summarise_backlogSummarise the backlog at each grade for an element-level...
gov_colsA vector of the approved colours
InflateRebuildApply inflation to the block rebuild costs in the block level...
InflateRepairBlockApply inflation to the block repair costs in the block level...
InflateRepairElementApply inflation to the element repair costs in the element...
input_checksCheck input to Blockbuster function is valid.
LoadBlockbusterOutputLoad data from the blockbuster output files.
load_excel_inputsLoads deterioration model inputs from the input excel sheet
log_lineWrites to a file and include a timestamp
pull_Element_DataCollate element- and block-level outputs from Blockbuster...
RebuildRebuild blocks by adjusting the block- and element-level data...
RebuildBlockRebuild all elements in the given blocks.
RecursiveBudgetingFind blocks to rebuild within budget recursively.
RecursiveBudgeting2Find blocks to rebuild within budget recursively.
render_blockbusterRender output word document from output excel
RepairRepair elements by expected cost at a grade
repairComponentRepairs the component in the given rows at the given grade
repairGradeRepair components of a particular grade
simulated_blocksSmall toy block-level dataset
simulated_elementsSmall toy element-level dataset
single_backlogPull the backlog column for a given grade from block data
theme_gov'theme_gov' A government theme for 'ggplot2'
UpdateBlockRepairsUpdates the repair costs of each grade in a block-level data...
UpdateElementRepairsUpdate the repair costs for components in an element-level...
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