Man pages for DGendooLab/pathviewM
a tool set for pathway based data integration and visualization

combineKEGGnodesSpecial treatment of nodes or edges for KEGG pathway...
cpd.accsMapping data between compound or gene IDs and KEGG accessions
cpdidmapMapping between compound IDs and KEGG accessions
demo.dataData for demo purpose
download.keggDownload KEGG pathway graphs and associated KGML data
eg2idMapping between different gene ID and annotation types
kegg.species.codeMapping species name to KEGG code
korgMapping data on KEGG species code and corresponding...
mol.sumMapping and summation of molecular data onto standard IDs
node.colorCode molecular data as pseudo colors on the pathway graph
node.infoExtract node information from KEGG pathway
node.mapMap molecular data onto KEGG pathway nodes
pathviewPathway based data integration and visualization
pathview-internalInternal functions
pathview-packagePathway based data integration and visualization
sim.mol.dataSimulate molecular data for pathview experiment
wordwrapWrap or break strings into lines of specified width
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