HTT: R data package

Data, scripts, and functions of the High-Throughput Truthing project (HTT project). The "inst" directory will be used to archive scripts that reproduce the analyses done for different presentations and publications.

Project hub space:

To install this package from the R command line: install_github('DIDSR/HTT')

Data and Code Repository

Manual documenting the data and functions in the R package:

Webinar tour of the data: Link to video

Manuscript describing the project:

Manuscript describing expert panel based on pilot study:

Manuscript describing pilot study results:

Elfer et al. (2022), “Pilot study to evaluate tools to collect pathologist annotations for validating machine learning algorithms,” J. Med. Imag., 9, p. 047501,

Manuscript about Multi-reader Multi-case Analysis of Limits of Agreement

Library of work from HTT team

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