Man pages for DJAnderson07/r2Winsteps
A package for interfacing between R and the Rasch modeling software Winsteps

batch.ifileBatch Read Winsteps Item Files (ifile) Into R
batch.pfileBatch Read Winsteps Person Files (pfile) Into R
batch_r2WinstepsWrite Winsteps control and data files as a batch.
batchRunWinstepsRun a Rasch model from R using Winsteps.
batch.sfileBatch Read Winsteps Structure Files (sfiles) Into R
batchWinstepsBatch Process Winsteps Files
LSATLaw School Admission Test (LSAT), Section VI, with dummy...
plot.batchRunWinstepsPlot the test characteristic curve
plot.r2WinstepsPlot the test characteristic curve
r2WinstepsWrite data and control files for Winsteps from R.
runWinstepsRun a Rasch model from R using Winsteps.
scienceRating scale data on students' liking for science data
write.anchorWrite anchor files for equating scales with common items.
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