Package Description

fars package reads and plots Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

FARS is a nationwide census, providing the American public yearly data, regarding fatal injuries suffered in motor vehicle traffic crashes.

Load Packages


Included data

Data files included within the package are:

list.files(system.file("extdata", package = "fars"))

Package Functions

Function make_filename

This function returns file name and path to the data files:

yr <- 2015

Function fars_read_years

Ancillary function used by fars_summarize_years


Function fars_summarize_years

This function summarizes yearly accidents data, by month.

fars_summarize_years(c(2015, 2014))

Function fars_map_state

The function displays a state map plot including accidents location by year

state_num <- 49 # Utah
yr <- 2014
fars_map_state(state_num, yr)


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