Man pages for DanGit01/ToImagen
Report of image files

buildpathFileAndNameValidcreates the full path to an existing file in a directory
ImgAllInfoDatagets the data from a raster images set
imgEntropygets the entropy value from image file
imgHistogramshows the image histogram
imgInfoDatagets the data from a raster image
imgRangeMinMaxgets the values range from image file
imgStDeviationgets the standard deviation value from image file
imgWidthHeightChannelgets the width, height and channels number values from image...
listFileFormpathFileValidcreates an existing files names list of a directory
loadImagSelectread image file
loadTableInfoImgread CSV file
loadThisImagtry to read an image file
saveTableInfoImgsave data.frame
tryGrayScaletry to convert from color model to grayscale model for raster...
viewGraphicInfoshows graphics from image data frame
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