Man pages for DanNashSoton/GuessR
Simulating Guess Scores on Customizable Tests

add_maqAdd Multiple Choice Questions requiring multiple answers to...
add_mcAdd Multiple Choice Questions to an Existing Quiz
add_tfAdd True/False Questions to an Existing Quiz
below_percentageCalculate the portion of scores that are lower than a given...
between_percentageCalculate the portion of scores that are between a given set...
create_maqCreate a Multiple Choice Quiz with Multiple Answers Required
create_mcCreate a Multiple Choice Quiz
create_tfCreate a True/False Quiz
mean.resultCalculate the mean score of the results
median.resultCalculate the median score of the results
modal.resultCalculate the mode score of the results
pass_percentageCalculate the portion of scores that are higher than a given...
plot.resultPlot a histogram of the results
sample_testRun a simulation to create a sample of test scores
table.resultCreate a table of the results
variance.resultCalculate the variance of the scores
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