Man pages for DanOvando/Old-LBSPR
What the package does (short line)

BHRecruitFunCalculates the recruitment from the Beverton-Holt SRR model.
CopyADMBFileDownload LBSPR executable.
DeleteFilesDelete ADMB output files
DynamicMod_AgeStucProjection Model
LoadAssessParsLoad LBSPR Assessment Parameters
LoadSimParsLoad LBSPR Simulation Parameters
MakeLengthCompCreate Length Frequency Composition
PredictMSlopePredict the value of Mslope parameter from the LM and Pars.
RunLBSPRAssessFunA wrapper function to execute the ADMB optimization routine
SimMod_AgeEqGenerate size structure using GTG model and calculate...
SimMod_LenStrucRateGenerate size structure using GTG model and calculate...
SimMod_LHRGenerate size structure using GTG model and calculate...
SimParsCalcCalculate values for derived simulations parameters.
SingleGTGDynamicSingle GTG Dynamic Projection Model Function
SingleYearEqSingle Year Equilibrium Projection Model
WriteDatWrite data file (.dat) for ADMB
WritePinWrite .pin file
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