Man pages for DaniWi/Channelcoding

ApplyNoiseMessage distortion.
BlockDecodeBlock decoding of a code.
BlockEncodeBlock encoding of a message.
BlockGenerateEncoderBCHGenerate BCH encoder.
BlockGenerateEncoderHammingGenerate Hamming encoder.
BlockOpenPDFOpen visualization PDF.
BlockSimulationBlock Simulation.
channelcodingChannelcoding Functions for R
ChannelcodingSimulationChannelcoding Simulation
ConvDecodeHardConvolutional decoding of a code (hard decision).
ConvDecodeSoftConvolutional decoding of a code (soft decision).
ConvEncodeConvolutional encoding of a message.
ConvGenerateEncoderGenerate convolutional encoder.
ConvGenerateRscEncoderGenerate rsc encoder.
ConvGetPunctuationMatrixGet punctuation matrix from vector.
ConvOpenPDFOpen visualization PDF.
ConvSimulationConvolutional Simulation.
PlotSimulationDataShow simulation data in a plot
TurboDecodeDecode a code which is encoded with the turbo-code.
TurboEncodeEncode a message with the turbo-code.
TurboGetPermutationFunction to generate a permutation vector.
TurboGetPunctuationMatrixCreate a punctuation matrix from a vector.
TurboOpenPDFOpen the beforehand created visualization PDF files again.
TurboSimulationFunction to make a automatic simulation of an coder with...
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