Man pages for DanielGardiner/EpiFunc
Epidemiology Functions

age_sex_pyramidCreate age-sex pyramid
calc_ageCalculate age in years
calc_agegroupCalculate age groups in years
epicurveCreate epicurve
format_colnamesFormat column names
get_datesGet dates
n_decimalsRestrict the number of decimals places for a numeric value
read_from_clipboardRead clipboard data into R
set_diffCompare the set of differences between two vectors
set_na_toSet NAs to a value
set_to_naSet values to NA
tab_1varTabulate 1 variable
tab_2varsTabulate 2 variables
tab_allTabulate each variable separately
tab_eachTabulate each variable separately
tab_stack_valuesTabulate values for multiple variables and stack ontop of one...
tab_varTabulate 1 variable
tile_plotTile plot
write_to_clipboardWrite R data to clipboard
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