Man pages for DanteBortone/housekeeping
Basic Debugging and Package Building Tasks

assemble_packageTakes a local package and assembles it
detach_packageUnloads packages
function_to_functionRuns from start of fun1 and sets up args for fun2 when it...
function_var_to_envPuts all of the function variables in a specified environment
get_loaded_package_versionTells which version of the named package is loaded.
get_package_version_listed_in_descriptionGets the package version listed in the package description...
get_script_pathGets the path of the script that runs it
housekeeping-packagehousekeeping: Basic Debugging and Package Building Tasks
matches_loaded_versionTells if my_version matches the version returned from...
package_is_loadedTells if package_name is currently loaded
remove_package_from_all_librariesSearches all libraries in .libPaths() and deletes the named...
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