Man pages for Dasonk/Dmisc
Miscellaneous functions provided by Dason

dinvnormInverse of dnorm
getargsGet function arguments
getArgsGet function arguments
goldenratiocolorsChoose n colors using the golden ratio
goldenRatioColorsChoose n colors using the golden ratio
goldenRatioRolorsChoose n colors using the golden ratio
holmHolm's method
holtwintersHolt winters smoothing no seasonality
holtWintersHolt winters smoothing no seasonality
linfinderFinds linear combinations
linFinderFinds linear combinations
lsosImproved list of objects
permutationsGenerate permutations
qvalueTransform into q-values
shadeplotShade a section of a pdf
shadePlotShade a section of a pdf
sinkResetResets any sink connections
traintestCreate training/testing sets
trainTestCreate training/testing sets
unfactorChange factors to characters
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