Man pages for DataWookie/ubeR
Interface to the Uber API

callAPIHandle interactions with the Uber API
DELETESend DELETE request to a server
GETSend GET request to a server
parseParametersParse parameters for API requests
POSTSend POST request to a server
PUTSend PUT request to a server
route_mapCreate a route map for a trip
ubeRubeR: A package for interacting with the Uber API.
uber_estimate_pricePrice estimate
uber_estimate_timeTime estimate
uber_meUser information
uber_oauthAuthenticate with the Uber API
uber_payment_methodsPayment methods
uber_places_getGet place address
uber_places_putSet place address
uber_productsProducts available
uber_requestsRequest a ride
uber_requests_currentCurrent request
uber_requests_current_deleteDelete current request
uber_requests_estimateRequest estimate
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