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case finding in the EMR (Best Practice)

add_ageAdd age to a given reference date
administrativedMeasureAppointments class administrative lists
appointmentsdMeasureAppointments class appointment lists
asplenic_listlist of patients Asplenia
asthma_listlist of patients with asthma
asthmaplan_obsList of asthma plan recordings
ATSI_35_44_listlist of patients who are 35 to 44 years, and ATSI, at time of...
atsi_listlist of patients recorded ATSI ethnicity
BloodPressure_obsList of blood pressure observations/recordings
bmi30_listlist of patients with BMI>=30 (obesity)
BPdatabaseshow database configurations
BPdatabaseChoicechoose (or read) database choice
calc_ageCalculate age a given reference date
calc_age_monthsCalculate age a given reference date, in months
cancerscreenCancerScreen - bowel cancer and cervical screening
cardiacdisease_listlist of patients with cardiac conditions
check_subscriptioncheck the subscription database
Cholesterol_obsList of cholesterol observations/recordings
choose_clinicianschosen clinicians
choose_dateChoose date
choose_locationChoose location
chronicliverdisease_listlist of patients with chronic liver disease
chroniclungdisease_listlist of patients with chronic lung disease
chronicrenaldisease_listlist of patients with chronic lung disease
clinician_listfind available list of clinician appointments to view
conditionscondition methods
configuration_file_pathread (or set) configuration filepath
configuration_file_yamlread (or set) configuration filepath in YAML
configuration_locationConfiguration - location
configuration_passwordConfiguration - password
configuration_serverConfiguration - server
configuration_userConfiguration - user
contactdMeasureContact contact lists
contactConditionsdMeasure contactConditions contact lists with conditions
cst_eligible_listlist of patients who are cervical screening eligible at time...
cvd_listlist of patients with cardiovascular disease
dataqualityData Quality
dateformat_choicechoose (or read) dateformat choice
diabetes_listlist of patients with diabetes
diabetes_type1_listlist of patients with diabetes type 1
diabetes_type2_listlist of patients with diabetes type 2
dMeasuredMeasure class
dot-identified_userreturns information about the identified user
eGFR_obsList of eGFR observations/recordings
empty_passwordis password for the current identified user available?
familialHypercholesterolaemia_listlist of patients with familial hypercholesterolaemia
fifteenplus_listlist of patients who are fifteen years or more in age at time...
filter_appointmentsList of appointments
filter_appointments_timeList of appointments with 'human (and R)' readable...
filter_correspondenceList of correspondence
filter_correspondence_appointmentList of correspondence with appointments
filter_correspondence_namedList of correspondence, with patient names
filter_investigationsList of investigations
filter_investigations_appointmentList of investigations with appointments
filter_investigations_namedList of investigations, with patient names
formatdateformatdate function
fortyfiveseventyfour_listlist of patients who are 45 to 74 years age at time of $Date
glucose_obsList of Glucose observations/recordings
haemoglobinopathy_listlist of patients Haemoglobinopathy
HbA1C_obsList of HbA1C observations/recordings
hiv_listlist of patients HIV
hrminCalculate seconds to a 'time' starting from midnight
incoming_viewincoming (investigations and correspondence) view
influenzaVax_obsList of influenza immunization observations/recordings
initialize_emr_tablesinitialize the tables of the EMR database
intellectualDisability_listlist of patients with intellectual disability
intervalCalculate period between two dates
list_allergyList of patients with allergy (or adverse reaction)...
list_appointmentsList of appointments with date of birth
list_contact_15plusList of those aged 15 plus (as of 'date_to') in the contact...
list_contact_45_74List of those aged 45 to 74 years (as of 'date_to') in the...
list_contact_65plusList of those aged 65 plus (as of 'date_to') in the contact...
list_contact_75plusList of those aged 75 years or more (as of 'date_to') in the...
list_contact_appointmentsList of contacts (appointment type)
list_contact_asthmaList of asthma in the contact list
list_contact_ATSI_35_44List of those aged 35 years to 44 years and ATSI (as of...
list_contact_chroniclungdiseaseList of chronic lung disease in the contact list
list_contact_countList of contacts counts
list_contact_cstList of those eligible (as of 'date_to') for cervical...
list_contact_diabetesList of diabetics in the contact list
list_contact_servicesList of contacts (service type)
list_contact_visitsList of contacts (visit type)
list_cstCervical screening list with tags
list_cst_detailsCervical screening list details
list_dataQualityList of patients for data quality check
list_familyHxList of patients with family history recordings
list_fobtBowel cancer screening list
list_influenzaList of patients potentially eligible for influenza vaccine
list_mammogramBreast cancer screening list
list_measlesVaxList of patients potentially eligible for measles vaccine
list_socialHxList of patients with social history recordings
list_vaxList of patients potentially eligible for vaccines
list_visitsList of visits with date of birth
list_zostavaxList of patients potentially eligible for Zostavax
location_listShow list of locations
LVH_listlist of patients with left ventricular hypertrophy
malignancy_listlist of patients recorded malignancy
mammogram_eligible_listlist of patients who are breast cancer screening eligible at...
match_userMatch user with current 'identified' system user
neurologic_listlist of patients with neurologic disease
open_configuration_dbOpen the SQL connection to the configuration from the SQL...
open_emr_dbopens the EMR database
parent_listlist of patients who are listed as the head of family with a...
password.setSet password of currently identified user
paste2paste which can ignore NA and empty strings
PersistentProteinuria_obsList of patients with persistent proteinuria
pipePipe operator magrittr
postnatal_listlist of patients who are pregnant at the 'appointment' date
pregnant_listlist of patients who are pregnant at the 'appointment' date
read_configuration_dbread the SQL configuration database
read_subscription_dbread the subscription database
refugeeAsylum_listlist of patients with history of refugee or asylum seeker
restrictionTypes_listreturns list of the restriction types
semantic_buttonCreate semantic/fomantic buttons with attached tooltips (text...
semantic_tagCreate semantic/fomantic tags with attached tooltips (text...
seventyfiveplus_listlist of patients who are seventy-five years or more in age at...
simple_decodeSimple decoder
simple_decode_base64Simple decoder base64
simple_encodeSimple encoder
simple_encode_base64Simple encoder base64library
simple_tagSimple tagger
simple_tag_compareSimple tag comparison
sixtyfiveplus_listlist of patients who are sixty-five years or more in age at...
smoking_obsList of smoking observations/recordings
transplant_listlist of patients with transplant
trisomy21_listlist of patients with trisomy21
update_subscriptionUpdate subscription database
UrineAlbumin_obsList of urine albumin observations/recordings
UserConfigshow user configurations
UserConfigLicenseshow user configurations with license
user_logincheck password against the current identified user
user_logoutLogout current identified user
verify_licenseverify license/subscription
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