Man pages for DavisVaughan/rray
Simple Arrays

as_arrayCoerce to an array
as_matrixCoerce to a matrix
as_rrayCoerce to an rray
common-dim-namesFind common dimension names
dim-namesDimension names
extremumMaximum and minimum values
is_rrayIs 'x' an rray?
new_rrayCreate a new rray
padPad missing dimensions when subsetting
rrayBuild a rray object
rray_all_equalStrictly compare arrays
rray_arithArithmetic operations
rray_bindCombine many arrays together into one array
rray_broadcastBroadcast to a new dimension
rray_clipBound the values of an array
rray-compareCompare arrays
rray_diagCreate a matrix with 'x' on the diagonal
rray_dimFind common dimensions
rray_dim_nCompute the number of dimensions of an object
rray_dotMatrix multiplication
rray_duplicateFind duplicated values in an array
rray_elemsCompute the number of elements in an array
rray_expandInsert a dimension into an rray
rray_extractGet or set elements of an array by index
rray_flattenFlatten an array
rray_flipFlip an rray along a dimension
rray_full_likeCreate an array like 'x'
rray_hypotCompute the square root of the sum of squares
rray_if_elseConditional selection
rray-logicalLogical operators
rray_maxCalculate the maximum along an axis
rray_max_posLocate the position of the maximum value
rray_meanCalculate the mean along an axis
rray_minCalculate the minimum along an axis
rray_min_posLocate the position of the minimum value
rray_multiply_addFused multiply-add
rray_prodCalculate the product along an axis
rray_reshapeReshape an array
rray_rotateRotate an array
rray_sliceGet or set a slice of an array
rray_sortSort an array
rray_splitSplit an array along axes
rray_squeezeSqueeze an rray
rray_subsetGet or set dimensions of an array
rray_sumCalculate the sum along an axis
rray_tileTile an array
rray_transposeTranspose an array
rray_uniqueFind and count unique values in an array
rray_yankGet or set elements of an array _by position_
vctrs-compatvctrs compatibility functions
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