Man pages for DavisVaughan/tibbletime3

as_periodChange 'tbl_time' periodicity
create_seriesCreate a 'tbl_time' object with a sequence of regularly...
FANGStock prices for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google from...
FBStock prices for Facebook from 2013-2016
rcpp_hello_worldSimple function using Rcpp
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rollifyCreate a rolling version of any function
tbl_timeCreate 'tbl_time' objects
tibbletimetibbletime: time-aware tibbles
tibbletime3-packageA short title line describing what the package does
time_ceilingCeiling a 'tbl_time' object
time_collapseCollapse a 'tbl_time' object so that all observations in a...
time_filterSuccinctly filter a 'tbl_time' object by date
time_floorFloor a 'tbl_time' object
time_groupAdd time-based groupings to a tibble
time_nestNest a 'tbl_time' to a specified time period
time_summariseSummarise a 'tbl_time' by period
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