Man pages for DejanDraschkow/mixedpower
Pilotdata based simulations for estimating power in linear mixed models

check_significanceGets t/z value out of model_emp and compares it to a...
get_depvarGets dependent variable of a mixed model
get_nGets number of participants in a dataset
mixedpowerFunction thatr runs the whole mixedpower power process
multiplotMultiple plot function from Cookbook-R
multiplotPowerMultiple plot function to plot the mmpower output
power_simulationFunction that runs the power simulation
prepare_rnorm_modelFunction to prepare a mixed model with varied fixed effect...
prepare_safeguard_modelFunction that computes confidence intervals for fixed effects...
reset_contrastsResets specified contrasts in the simulated dataset
simulateSamplesizeSimulate a new data set
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