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Disease Risk Predictor

dfDialectDisFileDefinition of Format of Disease Model File
dfPed3Gen1Aff3 Generation Pedigree.
fnCalcDiseaseModelCalculates disease model based on epidemiological findings
fnCalcExprPropLifetimeRiskCalculates expressed proportion of lifetime risk for pedigree...
fnCalcPedCovCalc pedigree covariance matrix for trait risk factors,...
fnCollateObservedRiskFactorsCollate observations on risk factors
fnConstructPedigreeConstructs a kinship2::pedigree object
fnConvertCovArrayIntoMatrixCreate population cov matrix for a single person
fnEstimateRiskFromTotLiaSampleCalculates risks based on a sample liability dataset
fnFixMy fix() function
fnHeatMapCovMatrixPlots a heatmap representation of a covariance matrix
fnPredictRiskPredicts risk in disease pedigree
fnReadDisFromFileReads a disease model file into a named list of values XXXX
fnReadFileDisReads a disease model from file
fnReadLinesIntoDisListXXXX XXXX
fnRepMy cat() function
fnRunOptimOptimises liability mean and variance for a categorical risk...
fnSSCalculates descriptive stats on data.frame columns
fnStrMy str() function
fnValidateCategoricalRiskFactorInputsValidates categorical risk factor inputs, calculates directly...
fnValidatePedigreePartial valdidation of a pedigree data.frame
lDisDepressionDisease Model for Major Depression
lDisSchizophreniaDisease Model for Schizophrenia
plotRefStraMeanGenerates plots indicative of whether Categorical risk factor...
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