Man pages for DexGroves/gbm-lrd
Generalized Boosted Regression Models

basehaz.gbmBaseline hazard function
calibrate.plotCalibration plot
gbmGeneralized Boosted Regression Modeling
gbmCrossValCross-validate a gbm
gbm-internalgbm internal functions
gbm.objectGeneralized Boosted Regression Model Object
gbm-packageGeneralized Boosted Regression Models
gbm.perfGBM performance
gbm.roc.areaCompute Information Retrieval measures.
interact.gbmEstimate the strength of interaction effects
plot.gbmMarginal plots of fitted gbm objects
predict.gbmPredict method for GBM Model Fits
pretty.gbm.treePrint gbm tree components
print.gbmPrint model summary
quantile.rugQuantile rug plot
reconstructGBMdataReconstruct a GBM's Source Data
relative.influenceMethods for estimating relative influence
shrink.gbmL1 shrinkage of the predictor variables in a GBM
shrink.gbm.predPredictions from a shrunken GBM
summary.gbmSummary of a gbm object
validateTest the 'gbm' package.
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