Man pages for DiogoFerrari/edar
Exploratory Data Analysis in R

ebalanceDescriptive Statistics in the Treatment and Control Groups
edaredar: A package for code-efficient Exploratory Data Analysis...
edar_bundle_catSmart univariate summary of the categorical variables
edar_get_new_dataGet new data set
edar_moviesData set with information about movies.
edar_surveyA National Survey from Brazil
edescribeDescribe the variables of a data frame
emultimputationMultiple imputation
epoststratWrap function for post-stratification weights
epowerCompute power of a test
etabScientific-like table for model summary
get_fittedGet fitted values
gge_barplotPlot categorical Variables using barplot
gge_coefDotwhisker plot
gge_contourContour plot
gge_densityPlot densities
gge_describeDescriptive Plots
gge_fdensityPlot densities by group and facet, with Kolmogorov-Smirnov...
gge_fitPlot fitted values
gge_histogramPlot histograms
isco88toEGPRecode occupation to DGP class scheme
isco88toESeCCompute ESeC
likert5.recodeRecode variable that uses likert scale
plot_diagnosticGenerate diagnostics for lm models
plot_edescribeDescriptive Plots
plot_heatHeat plot
plot_heathistHeat plot with histogram
plot_mvgaussianPlot bivariate gaussian distribution
plot_mvgaussian3D3D gaussian distribution
reorder_withinReorder labels
scale_x_reorderedReorder labels in ggplot
summarise_allcSummarise the categorical variables of the data set
summarise_allcbundleSummarise categorical variables in bundles
summarise_allnSummarise numerical variables of the data set
tidyeTidy linear model summary
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