ETP_Dolphin: Eastern Tropical Pacific spotted dolphin survey

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Eastern Tropical Pacific spotted dolphin survey


Observers aboard tuna vessels detecting dolphin schools along with a number of possibly useful covariates for modelling the detection function.


A data.frame with 1090 rows and 13 variables:

  • Region.Label stratum labels (only one)

  • Area size (nmi) of each stratum

  • Sample.Label transect labels

  • Effort transect length (nmi)

  • object object ID

  • distance perpendicular distance (nmi)

  • LnCluster natural log of cluster size

  • Month month of detection

  • Beauf.class Beaufort sea state

  • Cue.type initial cue triggering detection

  • Search.method observer method making the detection

  • size cluster size

  • Study.Area study area name


Several different search methods included in these data

  • 0 binoculars from crows nest

  • 2 binoculars from elsewhere on ship

  • 3 helicopter searching ahead of ship

  • 5 radar detects of seabirds above dolphin schools

Several cue types were also recorded by observers.

  • 1 seabirds above the school

  • 2 water splashes

  • 3 unspecified

  • 4 floating objects such as logs


Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

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