Man pages for DistanceDevelopment/readdst
Convert Distance for Windows projects to R analyses

build_layer_hierarchyWork out the layer hierarchy in the Distance database
converted_distance_analysesConverted analysis objects
convert_projectConvert a Distance for Windows project to be run in R
create_binsCreate bins from a set of binned distances and a set of...
db_getGet data from the Distance project database
filter_dataFilter the data
get_dataExtract data from a Distance database
get_definitionsExtract definition information from tables
get_statsExtract saved statistics for analyses
get_unit_conversionGet the unit conversions for the data
group_size_estEstimate group size
make_analysisMake an analysis
make_controlMake the control element of a call to 'ddf'
make_dsmodelBuild a dsmodel call
make_formulaBuild a dsmodel or mrmodel formula
make_meta.dataBuild the model
make_modelBuild a distance sampling analysis
make_mrmodelBuild a mrmodel call
merge_resultsMerge results from stratified analyses
model_descriptionMake a user-readable model description string
model_selectionModel selection for key plus adjustment models
parse_definition.data_filterParse a Definition of a data filter
parse_definition.modelParse a Definition
print.converted_distance_analysesConverted distance analyses table
print.converted_distance_analysisPrint a converted distance analysis
print.distance_stats_tablePrint tested statistics
readdst-packageConvert Distance for Windows analyses to R code
run_analysisRun a converted distance sampling analysis
set_covar_namesSet column names in data to be as in formulae
stats_tableGenerate table of possible statistics to test
test_statsTest to see if Distance for Windows and R get the same...
unflatfileTake a flatfile data.frame and make dht-compatible...
units_tableGenerate table of unit conversions
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