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Add More 'AdminLTE2' Components to 'shinydashboard'

accordionAdminLTE2 accordion container
accordionItemAdminLTE2 accordion item
appButtonAdminLTE2 special large button
attachmentBlockAdminLTE2 attachment container
blockQuoteAdminLTE2 block quote
boxCommentAdminLTE2 box comment
boxPadAdminLTE2 vertical block container
boxPlusCreate a box for the main body of a dashboard
boxProfileAdminLTE2 box profile
boxProfileItemAdminLTE2 box profile item
boxProfileItemListAdminLTE2 box profile item container
dashboardHeaderPlusCreate a header for a dashboard page
dashboardLabelAdminLTE2 label
dashboardPagePlusDashboard Page with a right sidebar
descriptionBlockAdminLTE2 description block
dropdownBlockCreate a dropdown block to place in a dashboard header
dropdownDividerCreate a box dropdown divider
dropdownItemCreate a box dropdown item
dropdownItemListCreate a box dropdown item list
flipBoxAdminLTE2 flipping box
gradientBoxAdminLTE2 gradient box
loadingStateAdminLTE2 loading state element
menuIconAdminLTE2 menu icon item
menuInfoAdminLTE2 menu info item
navPillsAdminLTE2 nav pill container
navPillsItemAdminLTE2 nav pill item
preloaderAdminLTE2 preloader
productListAdminLTE2 product list container
productListItemAdminLTE2 product item
rightSidebarAdminLTE2 dashboard right sidebar
rightSidebarMenuAdminLTE2 right sidebar menu
rightSidebarMenuItemAdminLTE2 right sidebar menu item
rightSidebarTabContentAdminLTE2 tab content
rightSidebarTabItemAdminLTE2 right sidebar tab item
rightSidebarTabListAdminLTE2 right sidebar tab list
rigthSidebarPanelAdminLTE2 wrapper for tab content
shinydashboardPlusGalleryLaunch the shinydashboardPlus Gallery
socialBoxAdminLTE2 social box
socialButtonAdminLTE2 social button
starBlockAdminLTE2 starBlock
tagAssertAssert that a tag has specified properties
timelineBlockAdminLTE2 timeline block
timelineEndAdminLTE2 timeline ending point
timelineItemAdminLTE2 timeline item
timelineItemMediaAdminLTE2 timeline media item
timelineLabelAdminLTE2 timeline label
timelineStartAdminLTE2 timeline starting point
todoListAdminLTE2 todo list container
todoListItemAdminLTE2 todo list item
userListAdminLTE2 user list container
userListItemAdminLTE2 user list item
userPostAdminLTE2 user post
userPostMediaAdminLTE2 user post media
userPostToolItemAdminLTE2 user post tool item
userPostToolItemListAdminLTE2 user post tool item container
validColorsValid colors
verticalProgressAdminLTE2 vertical progress bar
widgetUserBoxAdminLTE2 widget user box
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