Man pages for DominikMueller64/dmisc
Dominik Mueller's R Code

add_diagAdd to the diagonal of a square matrix.
bootstrapBootstrapping of correlation coefficients
cllpsCollapse elements of a vector
col_scaleCenter and scale a matrix.
compute_GRMCompute genomic relationship matrices.
dftlovTurn data.frame to list of named vectors.
equal_splitSplit a set x into subset of nearly equal size.
icountA count iterator.
in_dblA version of '%in%' working exclusively on numeric data.
invwhichInverse of which.
is_subsetTest if one set is a subset of another.
mat2dfTransform matrix to data.frame.
match_dblA version of 'match' working exclusively on numeric data.
nested_listCrease nested lists.
remapperCreate a function for re-mapping values.
rmvelRemove elements from a vector or list
rrcombnAll round robin combinations.
rsignSample random signe
solve_sieSolve selection index equations for animal model
sorted_sampleDraw sorted sample.
sorted_sample_intDraw sorted sample of integers.
split_matrixSplit matrix
split_strSplit elements of a string.
topNAverage value of the top elements in each row of a matrix.
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