Man pages for DominikVogel/vogelR
My personal package with all my selfmade functions

anova_resultsResults of ANOVA in APA standard
chi_resultsResults of Chi2-test in APA standard
extract_alphaExtract Cronbach's Alpha
extract_hlmExtract parameters from nlme::lme-models
extract_lmExtract parameters from stats::lm-models
lime_namesFix variable names for data frames exportet from LimeSurvey
mean_index2Add mean index to data frame
myskimPrint discriptives using skimr::skim
tibble_print_allPrint all rows and columns of a tibble
tibble_print_rowsPrint all rows of a tibble
tibble_print_varsPrint all columns of a tibble
t_resultsResults of t-test in APA standard
t_test2t-test from means and sds
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