Man pages for DongyueXie/smashrgen
Generalization of smashr

df2ggdata.frame to ggplot data
ebnm_normalA function to do eb for normal mean
fine_coeff_rmA function that sets the finest level coefficience to zero
helloHello, World!
init_smash_genInitialize the input of smashgen algorithm
logisticlogistics function
logitlogit function
misemean integrated squared error
msemean squared error
reflectA funtion to reflect data
rmadRunning mad for estimating heteroscedastic variance
sigma_estA function estimate \sigma^2 using method 4
simu_study_sTest the sigma_est function(estimate sigma)
simu_study_sstFunction to do comparisons among methods(total sd)
simu_study_varFunction to do comparisons among methods
smash.gaus.genfunction to estimate both mu and \sigma
smash.gaus.xsmash gaus to deal with covariate effect.
smash_genA more general verison of smashgen that works for different...
smash_gen_liteA light version for smashgen, to make it fast.
smash_gen_x_liteA light version for smashgen with covariate X, to make it...
sst_estFunction to estimate \sqrt(\sigma^2+s_t^2) together
tf.genTrend filtering allow covariates
update_smash_genUpdate function for smashgen algo
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