Man pages for DrPaulWilliamson/ENVS450
Helper functions for ENVS450 Scatterplot with User-Defined Line of Best-Fit
coeffsGLM Coefficients Summary
cor.resultsReformatted Correlation Matrix with _p_-Values and Confidence...
cramersVCalculate Cramer's V
cramersV.resultsCramer's V Correlation Matrix Reformatted plus Statistical...
cramersV.testTest Cramer's V for Statistical Significance
dir.chooseCapture Full Pathname of Selected Directory/Folder
group.dataGroup Continuous Data Using User-Friendly Class Labels
kurtosisCalculate the Kurtosis of Set of Numeric Values
load.packageDownload Package and Load into Memory
modeFind the Mode of a Distribution
multiplotCombine Multiple Graphs into One Plot
proportion.misclassifiedCalculate the Proportion Misclassifed
skewCalculate the Skew of a Set of Numeric Values
std.devCalculate a Sample or Population Standard Deviation
surveySimulated Survey Data
tallyCreate Count or Proportion Cross-tabulations with Optional...
Tjur.RsqTjur's R-Square for Logistic Regression Models.
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