Man pages for DrrDom/pfpp
Different convenience functions (file loading, caret model procesing, etc).

adjust.datasetAdjust dataset
combine.datasetsCombine datasets
com.corPropability of difference between two correlation...
create_caret_foldsCreate folds of test sets to use in caret.
create_folds_mcCreation of folds for group-out cross-validation based on... one-level factor
expand.two.level.factorExpand two-level factor
getBinaryStatStatistic for binary classification task.
getCVCross-validation result of optimal caret model
get.DA.regReturns statistics of regression caret models with and...
grapes-nin-grapesNon-matching comparison
groupwise_tanimotoCalculate Tanimoto similarity coefficient beetwen two sets of...
local.loadLoad RData container into a local variable.
named.listNamed list
pfpp-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
R2testDetermination coefficient for external test set or...
read.mda.datRead dat-file of MDA1 program
remove.const.varsRemove constant variables
rmseCalculate RMSE.
select_foldsSelect dissimilar sets of folds.
sirms.readRead tab-delimited text file with sirms descriptors (output...
spci.add_consensusAdd consensus (average) predictions to the data.frame with...
spci.filter_dataFilter out fragments whose occurence is below specified limit...
spci.load_dataRead data from text file with fragments contributions.
spci.melt_dataMelt data.frames with fragments for graphical representation...
spci.reorder_dataReorder factor levels representing fragment names according... text data as binary to save used encoding.
write.excelCopy data to clipboard suitable for Excel pasting.
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