Man pages for DrrDom/rspci
Analysis of fragments contributions calculated by SPCI software

add_full_namesAdd full fragments names as the first column to the existed...
add_signifAdd statistical significance to fragments contributions
clustClustering fragment contributions
clust_allBuild mclust models for multiple fragments
filter_by_frags_countFilter out fragments which are outside of specified ranges
filter_by_model_namesKeep only models which are specified
filter_by_prop_namesKeep only properties which are specified
get_clust_paramsParameters of each gaussian (cluster)
get_mol_idsGet IDs of molecules for each cluster
get_num_clustGet number of gaussians (clusters) in mclust model
load_dataRead and preprocess data about fragments contributions from a...
load_data_extRead and preprocess data about fragments contributions from a...
plot_contribPlot fragments contributions
plot_mclustPlot mclust model
reorder_dataReorder fragments names represented as factor levels based on...
save_mclust_plotsSave plots of multiple mclust models in a grid image
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