Man pages for DyfanJones/noctua
Connect to 'AWS Athena' using R 'AWS SDK' 'paws' ('DBI' Interface)

assume_roleAssume AWS ARN Role
athenaAthena Driver
AthenaConnectionAthena Connection Methods
AthenaDriverAthena Driver Methods
AthenaWriteTablesConvenience functions for reading/writing DBMS tables
dbClearResultClear Results
dbColumnInfoInformation about result types
db_computeS3 implementation of 'db_compute' for Athena
dbConnect-AthenaDriver-methodConnect to Athena using R's sdk paws
db_copy_toS3 implementation of 'db_copy_to' for Athena
dbDataTypeDetermine SQL data type of object
db_descS3 implementation of 'db_desc' for Athena
dbDisconnectDisconnect (close) an Athena connection
dbExistsTableDoes Athena table exist?
dbFetchFetch records from previously executed query
dbGetInfoGet DBMS metadata
dbGetPartitionAthena table partitions
dbGetQuerySend query, retrieve results and then clear result set
dbHasCompletedCompletion status
dbIsValidIs this DBMS object still valid?
dbListFieldsList Field names of Athena table
dbListTablesList Athena Tables
dbQuoteQuote Identifiers
dbRemoveTableRemove table from Athena
db_save_queryS3 implementation of 'db_save_query' for Athena
dbShowShow Athena table's DDL
noctua-packagenoctua: a DBI interface into Athena using paws SDK
QueryExecute a query on Athena
session_tokenGet Session Tokens for PAWS Connection
sqlCreateTableCreates query to create a simple Athena table
sqlDataConverts data frame into suitable format to be uploaded to...
sql_translate_envAWS Athena backend dbplyr
work_groupAthena Work Groups
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