Man pages for EBukin/syntheticpanel
Create synthetic panels from cross sectional data

convert_bootstrap_permutationConverts a table of the values into a list of permutation...
estimate_matchesRun lasso estimation on the prepared matrixes
find_nearFind neares match between a vector of observations and a...
find_one_nearInternal function to help in matching observations.
get_bootstrap_permutationGenerates a list of permutation vectors for bootsrapping
impute_dataImpute data to from the period 0 dataframe to the period 1...
p_0_exmpleSample dataset on automobiles borrowed from STATA.
p_1_exmpleSub-sample of the automobiles data from STATA.
run_shiny_imputationsRun shiny app available in the package
sample_bootstrapBootstrap permutation vectors sample dataframe
sample_vectorResample a vector of values with repetition
syntheticpanelsyntheticpanel: A package for
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